Why Young Adults Aren't Getting Vaccinated

Why Young Adults Aren't Getting Vaccinated

It’s no secret that the hesitancy to get vaccinated against COVID-19  is highest among millennials and Gen Z. Recent poll conducted by NBCLX/ Morning Consult found that 28% of gen Z, 22% of millennials, and 23% of individuals aged 18-34 do not plan on getting vaccinated. The big question here is why? Why is there so much hesitancy amongst the activist generations? Keep reading to learn all about why young adults are not getting vaccinated and what we can do to change that. 

"No One Is Speaking My Language"


Since the beginning of the pandemic in December of 2019, there has been no messaging specifically tailored toward this age 18-34 age group. In addition, there have been no efforts to reach this group on platforms we know they’re on such as Instagram and Tiktok. In recent interviews conducted by stats news, young adults shared that they were not against vaccination, they just couldn’t find information tailored to them. 1   

Recently, we’ve seen a spike in the number of young adults showing up in intensive care with life-threatening symptoms caused by COVID-19. Public officials fear reopening university campuses this coming fall could fuel this outbreak even more.  

What Can We Do? 


The biggest concern among Gen Z is whether or not the vaccine will affect their ability to have children down the line and due to this age group being the least at risk, there is no urgency or motivation to get vaccinated. This lack of information and urgency could be what causes a fourth COVID-19 surge to spread across the United States.  

Though we cannot force the vaccine on anyone, especially on the two generations that pave their own path, we CAN start the conversation! Talk about it in your group chat with friends, all parents start talking to your young adults about why they should be getting vaccinated, share valid information on your social media platforms, or sign up for COVID-19 vaccine research with Centex Studies!  

Here are some accounts you can find on Instagram to learn all the fax before getting the vax.  

Learn How You Can Get Involved! 


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