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The Road to NASH

The Fatty Liver Foundation states that if you have two friends, one of you has a fatty liver. There are two main types of fatty liver disease; alcoholic and non-alcoholic. NASH is under the non-alcoholic umbrella and is the 2nd stage of 4 in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). If left untreated, NASH can progress to cirrhosis. However, there is hope, and it is possible to slow the progression or even prevent it IF you act now. 

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Phases of Clinical Research

The Phases of Clinical Research

Clinical research is vital to understanding how a treatment will interact with the human body. However, even after years of education and regulations, research still gets a bad rap. Why? Many people equate participation to mad scientists, dark rooms and lab rats (oh my!); but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Before any treatment is made available to the public, they go through several phases of testing. Keep reading to learn more about the 4 phases of human testing.

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Alzheimer's Agitation

How to Cope with Alzheimer's Agitation

Every 65 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s. Currently, more than 16 million provide unpaid care for a loved one diagnosed with this disease or other dementias. That equals over 18.5 billion hours of care for 2019. If you are a part of this trusted group of individuals, it can be tough. However, with the right support and guidance, you can and will continue to make a difference in your loved one’s life.

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Why is COVID Research Important

Why is COVID Research Important?

There are many types of coronaviruses that affect humans. In 2019, a new coronavirus discovered in Wuhan, China, would evolve into the pandemic we know as COVID-19. Although most people affected by COVID-19 experience mild to moderate respiratory illness, over 470,000 have lost their lives worldwide to date from it. Now, after months of social distancing and each state in different reopening phases, COVID-19 research is the key to getting back to normal.

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Informed Consent - Clinical Trials

Everything You Need to Know About Informed Consent

To many, the term "informed consent" can sound intimidating. Literally, the Informed Consent is a document that says you fully understand and agree to participate in a clinical research study. Yet, it is much more than a document; it is a process that must be conducted per the laws on research. This process is put in place to protect the safety and rights of each person who chooses to participate in a clinical research study.

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What is a clinical trial?

So, What is a Clinical Trial Anyway?

If you’re here, you’ve probably seen or heard ads on the TV, radio, or even social media about these wonderful opportunities called clinical trials. So now you’re wondering, what is a clinical trial anyway? Keep reading to start learning all you need to know about clinical trials and how to get involved.

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