Muscle Spasms: More Than Just A Cramp

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are excruciatingly painful, but what causes them? Is there a way to get rid of it? Let's look at what muscle spasms are, how they happen, and what causes them. Continue reading to understand more about the pain you've been having and how to deal with it. 

Muscle Spasms: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment  


Muscle spasms are contractions and tightening of your muscles that can be very painful. These types of spasms are common and can happen to any muscle in your body. The most common form of spasm occurs in your calf and is usually referred to as a “charley horse.” The pain caused by a muscle spasm can range from mild to severe pain but, what causes them? Muscle spasms are classified to be Idiopathic which means that there is no known exact cause. Experts believe that one or more of these may be the cause in most cases:  

  • Not enough stretching  
  • Exercising in the heat 
  • Dehydration  
  • Depletion of electrolytes  
  • Involuntary nerve discharge  
  • Stress 
  • High intensity exercise  

How Do I Prevent A Muscle Spasm?  

Muscle spasms are difficult to prevent because the main cause is unknown. They are unpredictable, and they can also be brought on by risk factors outside your control. The following are some strategies for preventing spasms: 

  • Performing flexibility exercises daily  
  • Stretch your muscles regularly  
  • Wear shoes that fit and support you properly  
  • Stretch before going to bed 

How do I stop them?   

While there is not currently any magical injection that would cure the occurrence of muscle spasms, here are six steps you can try to relieve your spasms.  

  • Massage the affected area  
  • Stand up and walk  
  • Apply heat or ice to the area  
  • Over the counter painkillers1  
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