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Women In Research: Where We've Been & Where We're Going

Whether it was raising their children or nursing war soldiers back to health, women have always played the role of caregivers within their own families and communities. Faced with prejudice and discrimination for being a woman, it was not until recently that women earned their spot at the power table in a predominantly male world. Let's discuss the progress made thanks to the incredible women who decided to fight for their place in medicine and research. In honor of Women's History Month, keep reading to hear the stories of 2 female pioneers and how they paved the way for women in medicine today. 

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COVID Treatment

But, What if I Catch COVID?

In the process of finding normality and adjustments during these unprecedented times, one might question whether or not we are actually contributing to slowing the spread of this virus as we continue to follow CDC guidelines. While the country continues to execute plans to offer the vaccine to the entire population, let’s elaborate on what progress has been made in terms of treatment options for patients who catch COVID-19.  

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